Slight Motif X Pints Of Malt present:

The Quarantine Bunker Pack/Essentials


What would be the most essential product that is needed to survive this pandemic? We have compiled a list of top very essential 32 items and clashed them all together to see what y’all would consider the most important?

The voting for the first round will commence on the Slight Motif and Pints of Malt social media pages from Wednesday 6pm, 1st of April.


How it works:

You click on the link below and make your predictions for each clash in each round till you predict what you think will be voted as the most essential item during this quarantine. 

Voting for each round will last for a full day with the next round commencing shortly after the previous has ended and the scores have been added to the bracket. 

Your predictions are now important as each right prediction you made will help you move up the standings. Predictions in the later rounds hold more points (March Madness style).


By the end of the week, we should have the winner with the most predictions correct and more importantly, we will have what the people have voted as the most essential item to have with you during this quarantine!

*When prompted to input a "Prediction Title", you are being asked for a name or username.

* Make sure you swipe your screen to the left when filling in the bracket to ensure you fill out the entire thing before you submit.

*You should be left with two items by the end of it.

Get Started!

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