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Willhouse, Fynch and Sick Nanley create a dream collab with new track 'So Sorry'

Poxy Records co-founder Willhouse teams up with the Burner Records crew Fynch and Sick Nanley. Their banging new track 'So Sorry' dropped today [30th April 2021] across all music platforms.

The producer of the track shared some insight into how the three creatives came together to make 'So Sorry'.

Willhouse shares:

"With the world currently filled with doom and gloom. I wanted to produce a hip hop track that was simply bars and beats for bars and beats sake. Nothing fancy just a smooth beat and letting the Burner boys do their thing"

Speaking on FYNCH's involvement in the initial creative process:

"I had sent a folder of beats to FYNCH after being a fan of his for ages. One of the beats he went with was turned into his last single 'Soon' which came out in March. On the beat for 'So Sorry' he sent back two top notch verses where it seemed like he was really having fun with it and getting his bars on"

Regarding Sick Nanley's entrance into the project:

"There was a gap in the middle of the track and I thought Sick Nanley was perfect for it. Sick to me is like Ireland's answer to O.D.B from Wu Tang. Super energetic and totally unique to everyone else in the scene".

'So Sorry' is a laid back head nodder of a track, produced by Willhouse, that leaves plenty of room for Fynch and Sick Nanley to flex their lyrical muscles.

"I think Fynch's reference packed punchlines, Sick's wild delivery, and my laid back production make for a great combo. It's the type of track that will have something for everyone that's a Hip Hop head. The three of us are So Sorry to everyone else in the scene for going so hard."

Listen to 'So Sorry' by Willhouse, FYNCH and Sick Nanley below:

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