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We've been lacking!: Brand New SlimoWeekly Update

Title says it all but yes, we are back on the regular playlist updates, bringing you the lates tracks from the Island. The playlist is updated weekly with a new cover every month!. This cover is from the last success we had at the SM social club. Thanks again to all that dropped by and donated for sickle cell awareness month. Big thanks also to Hennessy for providing drinks all night and also sponsoring our next big project premiering this Sunday.

October comes with spooky festivities, bipolar but mainly freezing weather and of course black history month. With that we would like to give a big shout out to Leon Diop , CEO of Black and Irish on releasing his first ever book along with Brianna Fitzsimons and Jessica Louis: Black & Irish: Legends, Trailblazers & Everyday Heroes. This landmark publication in Irish history is a celebration of Black Irish identity. Featuring profiles of Black Irish public figures from the worlds of pop culture, politics, sport, business and the arts. Includes Ruth Negga, Gavin Bazunu, Phil Lynott, Paul McGrath, Emma Dabiri, Rhasidat Adeleke and Dami Hope. Published in collaboration with Black and Irish. Available online and in stores now.

We have jampacked this weeks playlist with brand new music from Txmmy Rose, A92, Plantain Papi, Aby Coulibaly and more. After a long period of silence, Offica returns with two new tracks "Living Proof" and "Stick To The Plan". Aby and Txmmy release music today, also after a long break. R3D comes through with a summer feel track and his last one before leaving Ireland to proceed with new ventures over in Vancouver. Some of the open mic acts from our last show feature on this playlist as they have been amazing discoveries. Many more familiar and new names up on the playlist now. All gems. Give a listen. Who did we miss? Comment on any of our platforms if we missed anyone. Catch y'all next month!

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