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UNQ lays it all on the table in new single 'In or Out'

Embodying newfound energy UNQ steps back into the limelight with a new single titled “In or out”. Introducing us to a deeper and more vulnerable side of herself in a generation where vulnerability is often mistaken for weakness. UNQ is eager to demonstrate that authenticity and vulnerability are actually a sign of strength. Her new single explores boundaries and is beautifully illustrated through the narrative of a romantic relationship where one chooses themselves over the emotional rollercoaster of their relationship, leaving the partner to decide whether they're permanently in or out. Produced by Solow The Astronaut with the help of Jafaris “In or Out” is the perfect blend of slick textured R&B and afro-pop production paired with a coming-of-age vulnerability that’s expressed through introspective lyricism. Influenced by the diverse cultures of her Hausa heritage, UNQ welcomes the listener with her emotive vocal performance. Her enticing vocals offer a feel-good and unapologetically narrative as UNQ drives the idea that you can wear your heart on your sleeve while simultaneously establishing healthy boundaries and putting yourself first. Whilst her cinematic, powerful and timeless visualiser depicts her delicacy and vulnerability.

Known for her breakthrough single “Tired” alongside features on tracks for homegrown Irish talent like Soulé, Jafaris, Super Silly and Kaé. The multi-talented singer, songwriter and visual artist UNQ was born in South East London, raised in Dublin and is ethnically Nigerian. Her Nigerian roots forcibly create a space of unpredictability within her music and her live performances. She is eager to put Hausa artists on the map as she has recognised that there is a lack of representation of mainstream Hausa artists to date. Her relentless talent of dancing and her unique vocal tone lure first-time listeners and her fans in like prey and eternally captures them within her world of Sonic ups and downs. Nothing feels more refreshing, no run falls smoother. UNQ is cut from an RnB cloth but born with the versatility of a true millennial. She grew up on ’90s R&B, soul and jazz before making moves into her solo stride musically.

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