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The highly successful brand Seeking Judy has championed the streetwear niche since its birth but is now venturing further into the world of knitwear and gorpcore. Launching an exciting new knitwear collection that is inspired by real-life events and nature. The collection offers both functional and stylish, making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe. The venture into knitwear is a breakaway from Seeking Judy’s previous styles, it is allowing the brand to become more versatile and inclusive.

Inspired by the brand's design language and ethos, the new collection is all about creating a euphoric world & idyllic scenes that portray an alternative reality where everything is more eutopic. Each piece is a derivative of the designer's real-life experience, the 'Sunset Cycle' Knitted Vest is inspired by cycling through the park on a warm day whilst the 'Night Jungle' Knitted Jumper is about repotting a monstera plant before it begins to wilt. Each piece is created with the utmost care and attention to detail, resulting in unique and high-quality pieces from luxury knit materials comprised of marino wool and synthetic blends.

Seeking Judy has grown expeditiously over recent years. At present, the brand operates out of Georges Street arcade, where customers can peruse each item, experience the quality before buying and have the option to try everything on. Each item can also be purchased at their website, and most collections have been shot in-house at Megan's studio based in Dundalk. The female-led brand is managed by Megan with help from sales assistant Sophie Scally and her wonderful parents. McGuigans Mum and Dad have helped since the very beginning of the brand with online orders and delivering stock between Dublin and Dundalk.

Seeking Judy’s knitwear collection is available to buy in-store or online now.

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