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Underground rapper R.O.B shares new anthem titled 'YOUFORIA'

There is an Underground Hip Hop / Trap scene that is beginning to turn heads in at the moment in Ireland. At the forefront of it all is Drogheda-based artist R.O.B, who is uniting his community through high-energy music and live performances.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen how passionate R.O.B is about his music while also seeing a playful and goofy side to him. R.O.B thrives off performing, meeting his fanbase and showcasing where his hard work has got him to. He has a very alternative look and you will usually see him in motorcycle gear or wearing clothes from underground fashion designers. R.O.B’s look was heavily influenced by some of his favorite artists including Playboi Carti, Chief Keef, ASAP rocky and Denzel Curry.

R.O.B has gained traction through many viral TikTok videos which he has accumulated 50 million+ views. This has helped him spread his music across many countries such as Ireland, the UK and America. He has developed good relationships with members from UK based OFB music group.

‘YOUFORIA’ brings us a new sound from idiosyncratic artist R.O.B. This earworm shows his development as he has transitioned from an angry Trap sound to a more melodic, emotional and euphoric sound. This transition replicates R.O.B’s personal life and his growth as an artist. He was immediately astounded when he heard the beat which fuses Hip Hop Rage and House. This blend brings us the ultimate boppy instrumental which got R.O.B’s creative juices flowing instantly.

R.O.B is a key player in the Irish underground music scene with his unique vocals and fiery energy that is delivered in his music. R.O.B has worked with a number of local talents such as Andre Fazaz, WhyConnor and many more. He is constantly working on crafting his sound while also adapting to the ever-changing Irish music scene. R.O.B has multiple projects coming up this year which will give you a real insight into who he is and his journey so far.


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