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UnderDog meets TopDog in new single Movie

UnderDog Evans Junior links up with TopDog Offica to bring you all what you’ve been waiting for a bonafide bar rasing ‘Movie’ with visuals from a combination of the best videographers in the county, Evans and Offica bringing us the best collaborative in Irish hip hop history.

Evans with 6 Spotify editorial favoured singles down the pipeline this year alongside a several surprise features and Offica with a #5 hit in the Irish Homegrown chart alongside a credible Charlie Sloth Fire In the Booth and Kenny All-star Mad about bars freestyle performance below his belt. With the help of Saint Cardona on production, the pair step on to the big screen and are ready for action, with visuals directed by Ovie Etseyatse, Reggie Albert & Sequence.

Evans shared “With everything going on in the world right now it’s really easy to find yourself looking forward to what the future has to hold beyond this current climate. This a message that it’s alright to dream and dreaming is good, dreaming births visions. I couldn’t think of anyone one else to keep up with my vibe on this particular track other than my bro Offica and he absolutely bodied it. Welcome to the Movie”

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