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TraviS & Elzzz celebrate a ‘Full Circle' moment with new mixtape

Waving the flag for the rap scene in Ireland is Dublin-based duo Elzzz and TraviS, who have come to a ‘Full Circle’ moment with their highly anticipated debut mixtape. The 8-track project offers an intimate look into their personal and professional journeys, breaking down barriers placed by their peers and industry figures within Ireland. The mixtape tells the tale of the underdog and embodies everything the duo stands for, while also creating space for those who follow in their footsteps.

Heavily backed by the ‘Gliders’ collective, a creative community of people who enjoy consuming and creating art, Elzzz and TraviS have built up a movement that puts a strong emphasis on crew mentality and freedom of expression through various culture-rooted art forms. The Gliders call and the youth of Ireland beckon to their next move, whether it’s through their clothing line, events, pop-ups, music or live shows.

Travis & ELzzz began collaborating during lockdown in 2021, when they would freestyle back-to-back at the Trenches, an outdoor spot in Dublin, creating a growing appetite for the duo as a pair. Both Nigerian-born, TraviS moved to Ireland when he was six and Elzzz when he was fourteen, and the two have shared the challenging experience of leaving their native country. TraviS grew up on 50 Cent, Skepta, and Section Boys, and has been rapping since he was 12, while also holding down a successful modeling career. Elzzz, on the other hand, is inspired by the likes of Lil Wayne, Skepta, and Jay Z, and also has a huge love for Afrobeats. He spent time as a dancer, while also holding down an engineering job by day.

The two were fans of each other’s music before they started collaborating, and it wasn’t until they met that the two musicians began to thrive off each other’s contrasting flows, cadence, sense of humor, and energy. Now, their brotherly bond remains at the core of everything they do.

TraviS and Elzzz are not only making waves in the music industry, but they have also recently taken a dive into the fashion world with the release of their 'G Suit' tracksuit and a very intentional campaign behind it. TraviS, a seasoned model, has always had a passion for fashion and sees it as a natural extension of self-expression.

Full Circle" is a manifesto of Elzzz and TraviS' lives on their meteoric rise to fame and as they set their sights on global domination. Taking the listener through a journey by vividly painting pictures and telling their story. The Irish rap scene is young and emerging but, TraviS & Elzzz with the support of the Gliders movement, are proud to be leading the charge and pushing the boundaries of the genre. Get ready to be taken on a journey with "Full Circle,". Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of the movement and join Elzzz and TraviS as they aim for global domination.

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