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Tommy Tomad and Deejay Dacosta share new dancefloor-filling rhythm ‘Middle

On the rise of Afrobeat, Afro swing and Amapianao, Louth based singer, songwriter and Tommy Tomad is at the forefront of the revolution. Championing a new sub-genre called Afro Rng (rhythm and groove) with crew TFCLIQUE. His new single ‘Middle’ is a confident articulation of Nightlife, all about a good time with a thematic narrative of a declaration of his love to beautiful on a dance floor giving us just a small taste of what the genre has to offer. Produced by ttokz we experience a sonic fusion of Amapiano and Afrobeat beautifully layered with Tommy’s honey-glazed vocals giving us a vibe that is reminiscent of Party With A Jagaban by Midas The Jagaban with an authentic Irish twist.

On the creative process, Tommy Tomad, shared “The creative process for making this record was fun, when we set off to make the song I actually wrote two different songs to the instrumental. I wanted to write about what it will feel like clubbing for the first time after a long time as the world is opening back up again. I went back and forth with ttokz trying to figure out which version of the song was the best, in conclusion, ttokz liked the song from the ‘middle’ to the end. The word ‘Middle’ stood out to me due to the overall theme.”

Tommy Tomad began his musical journey by getting involved in the church choir, dance groups and several local talent shows at a young age. Later discovering his voice and recording music until making his debut in 2018 with his ‘Sweet Dreams Tape’ followed by a feature on ‘Jayie’ which appeared on Evans Juniors’ Organised Mess’ album. Going on to perform as a supporting act for Adekunle gold in the UK. What’s next for the African Loverboy?

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