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The Line Up 2023' Part 1: Meet The Acts

Photographed by: Paiko Media

The second year of our exclusive Cypher "The Line Up" returns with its first episode tonight. We are excited to present 15 of the best artists we have come across in the past few years. The Line Up is not only set to identify the most promising acts of the year but also acts that are set to do great things moving on. This years Line Up has been powered by Hennessy in perfect timing for the 50 year anniversary of Hiphop. Please enjoy Hennessy responsibly. Visit for more info.

Jah 1 is the first act to strut in. The Dublin rapper has been on our radar for a

project like the Line Up. He does not shy away from showcasing his lyrical prowess and has been on a few media platforms such as "KTB" by Native TV.

Photographed by Sharon Crowley

Jah also features on Crease alongside Skripteh, Smilez and AO who also feature on the Line Up series. It was only right we got him on this year to see how he fairs. Jah opens the floor up for all performers on this cypher while hailing the crew and Hennessy with a touch of personal resolve.

Fortune Igiebor follows up after Jah and carries the energy into a whole other direction and force.

Photographed by Sharon Crowley

Fortune has had two sold out shows in the past two years, has been very active in the Dublin scene with appearances on the Predrinks Show, Charge it to the game and Tea with BasixBack. At a very young age, the Blanchardstown based rapper has been able to put a stamp on a style and ideology through his music, branding and features.

Awkward Z has been a name we have been trying to get on for a while now. We are pleased he could finally feature in one of our biggest projects to date.

Photographed by Sharon Crowley

Z is a traditional 20th century rapper with the metaphors, wittyness, delivery and vibe in all he has put out to date. Repping Waterford, he comes into the cypher with a calmer bounce to the haunting beat with various punchlines in each bar.

Danzi is a multitalented artist we had the pleasure of adding to this roster. From hearing him perform and feature with Fortune, It was only right to bring in the ragers to this line up.

Photographed by Paiko Media

We have heard him sing with impressive vocals back in 2021 but recently, he has been delivering very menacing animated flows and lyrics in various features. He does the same in the cypher. Tap in!

Shmoney Doll being playful, witty, braggadocio and humble at the same time serves it up and ends this episode.

Photographed by Paiko Media

We have witnessed her at the staple Bars At The Sesh by Dearfach Tv and we really wanted to see what she would bring to the table. she doesn't disappoint. Tap in!

7pm tonight, we are live. Head over to the Youtube now to subscribe and be notified. You don't want to miss this one. Be sure to tell us what you think or who your favourite performer was. Like, share, comment too. Follow Slight Motif on all platforms to stay up to date with up to date news, releases and projects. #TheLineUp2023

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