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The Line Up 2023 AfroCypher: Meet The Acts

Photographed by: Sharon Crowley

The second year of our exclusive Cypher "The Line Up" returns with its first episode tonight. We are excited to present 15 of the best artists we have come across in the past few years. The Line Up is not only set to identify the most promising acts of the year but also acts that are set to do great things moving on. This years Line Up has been powered by Hennessy in perfect timing for the 50 year anniversary of Hiphop. Please enjoy Hennessy responsibly. Visit for more info.

Photographed by Sharon Crowley

The Afrocypher is the first of its kind in the country and most likley worldwide unless someone tells us different.

This episode aims to shine a light on the talented afro artists in the country. With the cypher being the first one we've orchestrated, we brought on external production/expertise from B.Raji of Raji Music and T.Tokz. These lads have been working on the Afrosound in Ireland for a few years, there would be no other perfect for the role of executive production.

Hypeman Weezzy has brought the hype for real at events such as R3Ds House. He has most of the time been the star of the show in these events. We needed to translate this energy in this cypher. Weezzy did just that

Photographed by Sharon Crowley

Baby Sicko has been doing a few covers to Afrobeat songs and also with a few singles, was a great addition to this list

Photographed by Sharon Crowley

working with the likes of Evans Junior and B Raji aswell, it would be a no brainer to have him on The Line Up. Sicko is the first artist to strut in with a verse hungry and ready for war.

Junzy comes in after Baby Sicko. Junzy started off DJing and went into music with Raji Music back in 2018/19. Recently, he has been embarking a solo career with a few tracks released and a few performances at Slight Motif Events such as WildNout, R3D's House and more. Junzys captivating energy

Junzy photographed by Paiko Media

and unique style carries him in all performances. it is refreshing to see raw stage presence especially in a niche genre in Ireland such as Afrobeat. He does not disappoint in his Cypher.

Mxgiic, is our very own inhouse artist that we are excited to showcase ourselves. Mxgiic started off rapping when he was younger in Balbriggan with a

Mxgiic, photgraphed by Paiko Media

group called Daze Boiiz, he has reinvented himself with a new sound and a few singles on Spotify working with the talented T.Tokz. He comes in right after Junzy with a bit of a switch in energy addressing where he's been and what he's been focused on. Tap in.

Escoba is a new artist managed by Raji. He burst into the scene with an EP "Bad Boy Fuck Boy Love' and has been making steady strides ever since. He is the last to perform right before Weezzy takes it home. Escobar naturally is a more Afro RnB artist judging from what has been put out so initially we would question how he would fit in the line up. He doesn't dissapoint at all as he introduces a unique contagious style in his cypher. Tap in!

7pm tonight, we are live. Head over to the Youtube now to subscribe and be notified. You don't want to miss this one. Be sure to tell us what you think or who your favourite performer was. Like, share, comment too. Follow Slight Motif on all platforms to stay up to date with up to date news, releases and projects. #TheLineUp2023

All parts of The LineUp is also available to listen on Spotify here:

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