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Systematic Record's The Chi Chi Tapes is the Sound of Now, For Better or Worse.

Systematic Records share debut album ‘The ChiChi Tape’

Introducing Systematic Records a subsidiary label of Trust It Entertainment, Irelands biggest urban music recording label. Founded by Jeremie Kawele during his final year of secondary school is now one of the leading independent labels aiming to push the Irish Urban Scene to the top. “Systematic has always been my way of giving back to my community as well as helping to push and elevate those close to me. By investing time, hard work and money into their craft as well as that of the younger generation within my community I could help elevate them in the way that many others helped elevate me.”

The ChiChi Tapes is the first label project from Systematic Records, Something that has been anticipated since they began releasing impactful collaborative singles. The name is a tribute to founder Jeremiere Kawele’s work colleague who has always supported his dream and music. “We wanted a way to honour him, his name is Tshitshi so we named the project after him, only spelt differently ‘The ChiChi Tapes’.” The unique selling point about this project is that a vast majority of the project was created during a 24hr studio session with several artists and producers who are credited on the project. Jeremie Commented once again “6 songs to be specific were recorded during a 24-hour studio session. We had 3 producers on deck Liam Harris, Luke Fly, NotJordan alongside 6 artists: Jay DiAngelo, Nonzus Magnus, Kid Kuba, Retro Sweepz, Finn, Kevon Dupri.

The 10 track project is a showcase of Systematic Records label roster, with a collaborative effort from on each track the project has an overall dynamic feeling and is full of hidden gems. Jeremie explains “due to the various sounds on the project is very difficult for any comparisons to any one specific artist to be made. The songs do really speak for themselves. The tape is in a lane of its own.

The ChiChi Tapes is out now and available on all digital streaming platforms

Featured Artist: Jay Di Angelo, Nonzus Magnus, Kid Kuba, Finn, Retro Sweepz, Kevon Dupri,

JAY.P, AC3, Adaeze, EeDdAaYy

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