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Slimo Weekly Updated; New HareSquead video bumps "Like I'm Barack" back up the list.

The past week introduces us to a lot of releases both locally and internationally; meaning a lot more banging tracks on the weekly (at least we trying to keep it weekly) updated playlist. Like and follow to stay updated with brand new music strictly, not so strictly, Irish.

The Slimo Weekly Playlist: Cover: Tony Kostone of HareSquead, Shot by Tobi Irein

Disclaimer: Every song on this list and in the playlist is top tier Irish music that we could currently get our hands on.The list below is not ranked but rather arranged in order of sound and artists we've worked with.

Hare Squead: Like I'm Barack

The intro to the Super Weird EP has been on the playlist since the album came out back in March. Barely touching 3 minutes, the track features both members and UK artist Peter Xan with individually outstanding and short performances. The track has been bumped up the list with the introduction of dope visuals directed by Sam Fallover + Conor Forkin.

Watch now.

Evans Junior: Mosh Pit

Evans has stayed consistent after his last major album with singles, features and engagements via IG. Last week he releases a very hyped track both in the track itself and everything before it releases. The introduction of this single keeps us anticipating what the vocalist will have in store for us this year or the next. Mosh Pit by Evans Junior out now

( P.S I legit just checked my phone now and he announces he's dropping a diss track next Friday on IG? Stay tuned y'all smh

IG: @evansjuniior)

Backpack Blu: New Purchase

New track by Backpack Blu of the Far Collective "New Purchase" also dropped on purpose Friday midnight. This is the first full solo track released from Issue 8's cover and it is a cool breezy one subtly hitting on unapologetic spending addictions. Out now and up on the Slimo Weekly playlist.

Daire Patel ft Aby Coulibaly: Sirens

"I'm running from the world in my rearview, staring at the stars because my ceiling's always see through..."

With his Christmas Day 2019 release 'Hold Me Down' approaching the 200k streaming mark and attracting a growing audience in the US, Daire Patel returns with another journey into emotional, melodic hip-hop. Joined by stunning vocalist Aby Coulibaly, the track provides the first taste of his upcoming debut EP and builds on the momentum of his early releases.

Sirens Out Now.

Malaki ft Jeorge II: Cavalier

For the love and appreciation of Lo-Fi music, Lo-Fi Hip hop and all things Lo-Fi in general, Dublin rappers Malaki and Jeorge, The Second join forces on a very eclectic, beautiful sound; Cavalier. Both lyricists bring a classic, conscious hiphop feel on a very laid back production. Listen to Cavalier by Malaki and Jeorge II now!

A whole lot more drops this past week and some we may have missed have been updated on the list!. Go check them all out now. Please keep keeping us updated with new music via Stay safe yall!

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