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  • Kelly Darcy

SlimoWeekly Updated; Are We There Yet?

While we still have to wrap up warm (in April!!), we have our sights set on the easing of restrictions and we can almost taste the Summer. The SlimoWeekly playlist has been updated and is guaranteed to bring you the vibes you need to get through the next few weeks.

Cover Image by (IG); @slimobounce

The music scene is quite spontaneous at the moment but we are still seeing artists making big moves and releasing influential tracks. This statement stands to Sello who we have chosen as our cover for this month. Sello released 'Dublin' on the 12th March 2021 and attracted instant attention with his "Gaelic Drill". People fell for this fresh take on Drill and showed respect for Sello for sticking to his own accent, incorporating the Irish language and being honest in his lyrics about his hometown, Clondalkin. Along with the audio the video for 'Dublin' was released on Pressplay Media on the 12th March 2021. While this video portrays a typical Drill image we can see how much fun Sello is having sailing straight to the top of the game.

Smilez stepped outside his norm again this week with the catchy Drill track 'Outside' featuring Youngiz. Although we're only 4 months into 2021 Smilez has shown us his dedication to music and his capability with different genres. This track has the streets screaming "outside, outside" and "mmm, mmm".

'Move On' was the first release for alias Ayo August (fka Boyw1der). This track was hugely anticipated by the scene and by far did not disappoint. Move On holds the melodic vibe we are used to from this artist but shows a more softer side. I am looking forward to Ayo August's development and seeing what path his new music takes.

There is something for everyone in our SlimoWeekly playlist this week. Trey Wavey released his first track of the year 'With You' which brings us the finest Afrobeat as always. Nonzus Magnus reminds us to 'Smile' while Nuxsense gives us a 'Taste' of what they've got planned for the year. Jeorge II treated us to new flows on his "lockdown track" 'Outside' which sets his sound for the year.

Although we haven't had any recent releases from the girls, Melanin Tee and Alicia Raye have both hinted at new music dropping soon!

Hold tight, we're almost there 💖

Check out SlimoWeekly on Spotify:

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