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  • Kelly Darcy

SlimoWeekly Update: FREEDOM!

As we come towards the end of one of my favourite months of the year, we have a lot to celebrate and be happy about. October sees Autumn officially begin, it's Black History Month, we had Irish Music Week and we are dabbling in spooky szn.

Cover Image by (IG); @slimobounce

This year saw RTÉ produce a 6 part series 'Black History Lessons' presented by Leon Diop, Amada Ade, Femi Bankole and Boni Odoemene. As you know these guys are the wonderful brains behind 'Black and Irish' and they have used their platform to display key figures both past and present in Ireland. They tell us the story behind sporting legends, politicians and even men who helped in our fight for freedom from British rule in the late 1700's and early 1800's.

We have seen the guys from Where's Your Head At go from strength to strength in the first year of their career. Setting up bam smack in the middle of the pandemic, we have been treated to some of the wildest topics while the show features some of our favourite personalities. On 21st October we saw WYHA team up with some of our other favourite podcasts including the dominant Oh Man Podcast and transparent Vosho on The Beat to bring us a live podcast with discussions surrounding black culture, touching teams like "proud to be", "creating history" and many more.

We have had so much to keep us busy during the month of October with tv, videos, podcasts and the return of events. On Saturday 23rd October we saw 999 team up with Cleavage Club to bring us 'Black is Excellence' in the new Workmans space. This event kept in line with 999's monthly pop up theme while allowing some of the best djs to take to the stage and have everyone celebrating.

As you can see there has been a lot of content and news keeping us occupied over the past month but one major change has happened since we last spoke. On Friday, 22nd October 2021, Ireland opened the doors of it's nightclubs to welcome crowds of vaccinated people. The weekend was so busy and jam packed with events, leaving us still recovering but eager to go again this weekend. While we are excited to get back to clubs we are even more excited to see the return of standing gigs, yes, I said STANDING! The month began with a string of online gigs hosted during Irish Music Week and slowly but surely we seen some of our faves take to the stage right in front of us. The excitement continues as we plan and grab tickets for upcoming events and gigs.

The weekend gets kicked off on Friday 29th October with the man who graced our last episode of No Cap. The talented Nealo will be taking to the stage in The Button Factory on the 1 year anniversary of his debut album 'All The Leaves Are Falling'. Nealo will have support from Shiv and Wallfella with an after party happening in the Workmans with performances from some more great acts!

Burner Records will be going all out as they take to the stage for 'It's Been a Minute' in The Workman's on Saturday 30th October. Dubzeno postponed his debut headliner to the 4th November but has now upgraded to a larger venue in the Button Factory and Plantain Papi postponed his debut headliner, you'll need to keep an eye out as a new date hasn't been released just yet!

Sunday will bring us to the end of the month and the end of Spooky SZN. We hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween, enjoy the celebrations and have the best costumes! Remember to stay safe and look out for your friends as we all return to the late nights of Dublin.

See you all on a dance floor soon 🎃

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