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SlimoWeekly Update: "A Slightly Christmassy Playlist"

Its about that time indeed! We don't really hear much about Irish Christmas songs except the obvious ones. But here, If there's any artist we should get into releasing christmas songs; strictly Irish, do let us know!

However, we have compiled a few of our favourites that for sure fit the mood this season. The Slimoweekly has been arranged with music to keep warm to, get the yard decorated, make dinner and defintely not for the gym unfortunately. Expect some Afrobeats, Groove, RnB and chill rap from our favourite Irish voices such as Tomike, Aby Coulibaly, Brick Nasty, Tommy Tomad, Danzi, Salamay and more.

This will be our last post for the year. Thank you all for the love and support in all we've put out! There will be no video content for a while but do expect a few blog posts now and then. That being said, we are hoping everyone enjoys the break and spends quality time with whoever you call family. Like and follow the playlist + Slight Motif on all social media platforms

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