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SLIMOWEEKLY: Strictly Irish

The time has come to begin to recover from a hectic St. Patrick's Day weekend. This year felt different as the streets became swarmed with green and events took it to the next level to showcase the talent Ireland has to offer. The weekend saw us celebrate Ireland winning the 6 Nations in a home game against England and we also celebrated our gorgeous mothers.

Cover Image by (IG): @slimobounce

Collins Barracks turned into a festival space which kept all members of the family going over the course of the weekend. Saturday's events saw many of our favourite artists take to the stage such as; Negro Impacto, R3D's House, Sweet Lemondae and Why-Axis to name a few.

District Magazine hosted their yearly 'Block Party' at new hotspot, Juno. Chamomile Club took over The Complex for another OUTSTANDING event and DLT Brunch brought immaculate vibes as they hosted their first Irish event in Dublin on Saturday, 18th March.

Surprisingly we saw some new music being released on St. Patrick's Day including 'Irish' from A92's Dbo Fundz and 'Irish x2' from Sello.

We've had plenty of new music to keep us going over the past couple of weeks. Tebi Rex rejoined forces to bring us alternative track 'IMTHEBEST', Mister K.Y.B also returned to the scene for the first time in 2 years with edgy track 'I Don't Wanna' and Shegs released new single 'Licky by the Strippy'.

The past month has been a time for collabs, we saw Odd Numbers team up with Flynn Johnson to bring us 'Born in a Barn', Brick Nasty and KhakiKid delivered a mellow tone on 'Fashion' and Jeorge II joined forces with LukeFly to bring us a 6 track EP 'Burning in Bliss' ahead of his headline gig at The Workmans Cellar on 30th March 2023.

There are plenty of exciting gigs coming up including Salamay's debut headliner at the Sound House on 22nd April 2023 and Chris Kabs x Loud Motive at the Academy Green Room on the same night.

Listen to the Slimoweekly playlist here! Follow to stay up to date and hit us up on the socials in there are tracks missing on here!

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