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SlimoWeekly: October Update

We've had many things to celebrate in October like Black History Month and we've had things to commiserate, like losing an hours sleep when the clocks go back tomorrow :( We can't complain to much because the only and only Rihanna has finally dropped some new music today and SZA has dropped audio and visuals for her new track 'Shirt'.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, October is one of my favourite months of the year and not just because it's Spooky Szn. The weather may have been mental but the month has been giving and we have been outside. We saw many extravaganza's take place like, Who's The Main Character?, Sello's debut mixtape listening party and we hosted our first live No Cap. While these have all been great events, the month is not done yet, it is the Halloween Bank Holiday weekend and you know your favourites are bringing the vibes. Kamil is bringing the usual madness to Bowe Lane for 50:50 on Saturday, 29th October and also hosting an exclusive Dancehall vs Afrobeat event in the basement of Farrier and Draper on Sunday, 30th October. L2P are expanding with their Horror Night taking place in Farrier and Draper on Saturday 29th October.

Cover Image by (IG); @slimobounce

Our Cover Image this month deservingly goes to Sello. The 14th of October saw Sello release his debut mixtape 'Sellotape'. This 17 track tape has shown us the true diversity there is to Sello. We've already been hooked on his drill wave and we have been served drill on 'Sellotape' but we are also hearing everything from trap to afrobeat. Sello shows us he is lyrically gifted and able to deliver flows no matter the pace or tone. We see some of these vocals become melodic on some tracks like 'Testimony' and 'Sláinte'. It's hard to pick a top 3 from this tape where everything is hitting. We are excited for all the avenues this is going to open up for Sello and we can't wait to see him take to the stage for his debt headliner in the Academy, Dublin.

Hudis has released new track 'War' which has a very intricate live band instrumental. From the sticky drums to Hudis' euphonious vocals, 'War' is giving me everything R&B to jazz. The track is effortless, you can melt into it and go on this journey of the fight for love.

JyellowL is finally back with a new track and that being one he premiered at Electric Picnic this year. Not only does 'Yup Yup Yup' have the catchiest chorus, it also has the power to get your head bopping and your shoulders rolling. Not only did he release the audio but also an aesthetically pleasing music video that was filmed at Electric Picnic, capturing both the madness and some of the first performances of the track.

There are no words for the production on 'Stress Out My Mind', the newest release from Salamay. Salamay has always been one to tell a story and that's no different to the hard truths he's spitting on this track. This is the first single we have seen from Salamay since the release of his debut project, 'E. P.' and boy was it worth the wait. He delivers these blistering lyrics so poetically. This week we also saw Salamay as a guest on Nesser Pod where he spoke on being true to himself and immersing himself fully in his passions.

October has also seen Bounce (finally) return with 'No More Parties in Dublin', Jeorge II returned with a visual project 'So Help Me God' and Filmore! came in hard with underground track 'F**k Em Up'.

That is all from us this month, we hope you have a spooktacular Bank Holiday Weekend and party safely 🧡

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