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We are going to have a discussion on why Irish artists don't make much Christmas songs another time but for now; here is the final wrap up with both new songs and our favourites of the year!

Currently in the festive season and do no have time to reflect on the past year till next week but, this year has indeed been productive and we are very proud of Irish artists and producers releasing big projects aswell as stepping out of their comfort zones. To match up with the mood for the season, we have Tomike, Salamay, Uly and F3miii at the start of the playlist with soft sweet music you can play at a family gathering, dinner, intoxicated or whatever you lot will be at the next few days. We have new releases from Keanu the pilot and brand new Irish Afrobeat producer, Ttokz. We also have the usual appearances on the playlist but check 'em all out in the link below! Be sure to like, save the playlist to stay posted on our weekly updates, strictly Irish. Be sure to follow Slight Motif on all social media platforms to stay in the know of All Things Urban! A merry christmas to y'all and a wonderful new year

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