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Rushes Homecoming Reaches New Heights with Debut Project 'Glowchild' & Visuals For 'Lost In Therapy'

CLASH Magazine: ‘‘...the perfect example of the artist’s hard-wired skills of catchy songwriting, innovative sonic pallets and a mesh of ambient styles." EARMILK: "Rushes has been in the process of establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Irish music scene." District Magazine: "The Cork crooner channels the energy and vibrancy of early Brockhampton visuals and the feel-good energy of pop trailblazer Remi Wolf."

Praised for his iridescent sound and style, alternative pop artist Rushes returns with his highly-anticipated first full-length project, the breathtaking ‘Glowchild’. Following the release of the first three singles, ‘Wide Eyed’, ‘Funds’ and ‘Blue Ghost’, the project released on September 10th, accompanied by its focus single ‘Lost in Therapy’.

‘Glowchild’ is a beautifully sensitive story woven through a collection of 9 tracks. Throughout its runtime, it encapsulates a formative journey of struggle, fierce ambition, love, loss, and the clarity brought on by an eventual sense of self-awareness. Set to a backdrop of smooth, meticulous and sometimes hectic production, the melodies are soulful and sensual, with gorgeous harmonies permeating the tracks, making ‘Glowchild’’s sound unforgettable. Having lived in Dublin for the past number of years, Rushes found himself moving back to his hometown of Skibbereen in West Cork following the beginning of the pandemic. What began as a period of uncertainty quickly flourished into a time of creative revival and experimentation, inspired by the connection he had with the world around him. “I fell back in love with Skibbereen and that was really therapeutic for me. I'm very proud to be from this side of the world” Rushes notes. Feelings of frustration are evident in tracks such as ‘Funds’ and ‘Reality Cheque’, while the likes of ‘Blue Ghost’ and ‘Violet Skies’ capture the unique sense of ecstasy that comes from the thrills of youth. ‘Space’, meanwhile, recalls the familiar final stages of a relationship as Rushes finds himself lost in the world, impatiently waiting for a break. ‘Feeling Like’, meanwhile, features the vocals of Rushes’s friend, collaborator and renowned artist Jafaris. The track follows a line of collaborations between Rushes and the Dublin rapper/artist, going all the way back to Still Water on Rushes’s debut ‘Glimpse’ EP in 2019. A reminder of all that’s gone before, ‘Feeling Like’ highlights the playfulness and joy that creating music together can bring, even in the darkest of times. As the compilation draws to the end, a sense of maturity and growth seeps through on tracks such as ‘Dimes’, and the project’s newest single ‘Lost in Therapy’, as Rushes comes to terms with all that has come before and accepts himself for the artist he has become. “I wrote ‘Lost in Therapy’ at my most vulnerable. I was going in and out of therapy sessions every week, shedding pieces from my life. I really lost sight of everything else around me and the people who cared for me. I kind of let them go, even when they were there to listen. I was lost" Rushes explains of his new single. Sonically, the track is reminiscent of 60’s showband era Ireland, conjuring images of late night bars with no one’s minds fully focused on the music around them. “There’s honesty there, it’s just reality and you’re accepting that. The production is large, but there’s no crazy thrills to it really. It’s still quite raw and is a really nice bed for the vocals to sit on. It took a few versions but we got it to the right place” Rushes adds. “It’s the song I’m most proud of and the song I'm most fearful of putting out at the same time” Rushes explains of ‘Lost in Therapy, “I recorded all my vocals alone. It's kind of a therapeutic process, which I like to be by myself for”. The murky, rain-soaked music video for the track, edited and directed by Nathan Barlow finds Rushes searching his surroundings for purpose and clarity. Including haunting scenes recorded on the waters edge, as the waves batter and bruise the rocks below, ‘Lost in Therapy’ is Rushes’s most stirring feat to date and captures the timbre and complexion of life’s frustrations perfectly. As a whole, 'Glowchild' combines infectious pop hooks with silky RnB melodies, as Rushes’s vocals soar high above in the oasis, full of the emotional breadth that comes with immense mental, creative and financial fatigue. The project gives a raw, unfiltered gaze inside the complexities of life as a young, extremely talented but struggling artist on the way up. With each track we find an artist steering all his hope and drive into his dream whilst simultaneously trying to manage the complications this introduces to other aspects of his life, including how he supports himself and how he relates to other people. Familiar feelings for all in their early 20’s, anchored in the most uncommon of times. Previous singles, ‘Wide Eyed’, 'Funds' and 'Blue Ghost' have received media acclaim from publications such as CLASH, EARMILK, Dansende Beren and Enfnts Terribles, District Magazine, Hot Press, Nialler9, Goldenplec, Soul Doubt Magazine and The Last Mixtape. Rushes' has also achieved copious Irish radio support with a total of 5.9 million impacts to date as well as ‘Funds’ reaching No.2 and staying in the Top 5 on the Irish Breaker’s chart for 5 weeks; the highest-ranked independent artist, behind industry big-hitters such as Gavin James. Additionally, on Spotify, Rushes' has been added to editorial playlists such as New Music Friday UK, New Pop UK, Wholesome, A Breath of Fresh Éire and Chilled Pop Hits. The project finds an artist at the peak of his powers, as Rushes gives us an insight into the kaleidoscopic mind of a creative in search of peace and serenity. ‘Glowchild’ marks the homecoming for an artist who, for the longest time, had forgotten what it meant to truly belong. It illustrates complex vulnerability, tenderness, and an unfiltered sense of brazen ambition, showcasing that anyone can be a glowchild. In fact, maybe it’s what we should strive to be.

‘Glowchild’ and ‘Lost in Therapy’ have been out since the 10th The music video for ‘Lost in Therapy’ out now


  1. Blue Ghost

  2. Funds

  3. Violet Skies

  4. Feeling Like Feat. Jafaris

  5. Space

  6. Reality Cheque

  7. Wide Eyed

  8. Lost in Therapy

  9. Dimes

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