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Ritewell and Daly Tackle Prominent Issues on New Odd Numbers Track, ‘Maintain’

Diverging far from the optimism of his previous release, Odd Numbers returns with a harsher outlook on life, featuring co-founders of Dublin’s Old Enemies crew: Ritwell and Daly. The track, 'Maintain', dropped today across platforms.

Soulful, boom-bap layered, with conscious and socially-aware lyrics make ‘Maintain’ the stand-out track of Odd Numbers’ growing repertoire, especially during this period of unrest. His production style emulates that of the late 90s, pioneered by the likes of J Dilla, Madlib, and 9thWonder.

The Old Enemies duo come through with hard-hitting and impacting verses, reporting on the economic strife placed upon those in poverty.

“The track for me is about the struggle of a young lad trying to maintain in Dublin,”

Ritewell explains. “16 years old, selling to his mates or the homeless, and stealing to get by. He inevitably gets caught by his mother and made homeless, put in the position of the people he was selling to and ending up on the drugs he was selling as a result.”

Never ones to mince their words, the pair paint a sombre scene of the North Dublin experience, touching on themes of addiction and austerity and offering a sharp criticism of our governing body.

“The link between the government and the people is toxic and thin,”

Daly adds, “But realistically the power is with the people so that’s where the problem lies. We talk about changing the country ‘our way’ but won’t even change a habit?”. The point is driven home by the melodic chorus -

“My hope when I wrote this note was to open up, but the rope done choked him”

This line describes the 'noose' that the country keeps around its people's throats. If nothing else, this track serves as a call for action for the Irish people.

Check out 'Maintain' by Odd Numbers featuring Ritewell & Daly below

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