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Rising star Trappiie shares debut project AfroTapes

As the Irish hip hop scene continues to grow at an exponential rate, Trap has become a sub-genre that has exploded in popularity. On the verge of a surge set to overtake drill, Monaghan based artist and entrepreneur, Trappiie, shares a five-track debut project titled ‘AfroTapes’ his interpretation of the unification between Trap and Afroswing. Centred around the theme of being misunderstood, the project explores both sides of the story showing the misconception of the artist versus the artists true perspective. Throughout the project, Trappiie exhibits five expressions presented through his slick metaphors and melodically inclined rhyming scheme. The expression ultimately uncover why Trappiie is misunderstood in essence.

In conversation, Trappiie explained “This project is me showing a different perception to me. Breaking down all preconceived ideals and rumours which would have people thinking of me differently. Being judged before being known is the main agenda in this project. if you want to know Trappiiee, ask him yourself!! Trappiiee is a loveable and understanding artist who wants to get or allow people to be open about their feelings. I want my music to touch people and make them understand that its okay to speak about your feeling as I myself have been victim to suppressing feeling.

Zimbabwean born and Irish raised, Music has always been in Trappiie family tree. From being in choirs to participating in talent shows, he grew into loving music, listening to and gaining inspiration from the likes Tracy Chapman, James Brown, Michael Jackson. He became a fan of Jazz. Trumpets, vocals, cello, piano brought music to life for him. He began his career just shy of a year ago. Since then he has successfully launched a recording label Trapworld Records, an artist development platform to help develop artists in his area. Looking after 10 artists on the management side of the spectrum, whilst providing 5 with Artist Development services to help them become the artist they want to be. Trappiie is one to watch this year.

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