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Róg Records Artist, Mory, Drops Debut Single 'Talamh (Gardaí)'

Artwork by Spicebag, Skag Magazine

Dublin rapper and producer Mory tackles the city's housing and homeless crisis in his debut single 'Talamh (Gardaí)'. The self produced track which is performed in Irish and English also features a performance from Afro Celt Soundsystem's Lottie Cullen on the Uileann pipes.

Mory is a rapper and producer based out of Dublin, a founding member of Róg Records, and 1/4 of the group Róg Poets. Known for fusing his sound with traditional Irish elements he is the only Dublin rapper to use the Irish language in his music. This single will be his first solo venture since Róg Poets began in 2018 and there's plenty more on the way.

"I wanted to create something that my generation can relate to, I don't know a single person my age [25] who isn't either in rental distress or still living at home with their parents".

Mory challenges the Irish governments part to play in the widespread housing crisis. The idea for the song aims to confront the country's history regarding "property and land ownership as something that's always been a problem for the common person". And to compare the feudal landlords, who were "evicting Irish people from their land with the assistance of the RIC" to the "modern evictions taking place illegally with the assistance of An Gardaí Síochána".

"[...] it only felt right to make this song the debut release from my upcoming project 'Lonely old town' [... ] I've noticed an absence of coverage on these topics in modern Irish music and felt it was a necessary song to write.

The song is accompanied by a powerful music video filmed and directed by Hannah McGlynn. The visuals set the scene for Mory's impressive lyricism against the country's 'political and economic hardship'. The music video is available to watch below:

"These are topics which I feel very passionately and strongly about, It wouldn't feel right to me creating music that doesn't reflect my current situation and that of so many around me.

Listen to 'Talamh (Gardaí)' by Mory below:

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