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Introducing Soa Celine, a 23-year-old RnB singer, born in South London and relocated to Belfast (Ireland), who is bringing her long life passion & talent to centre stage as she embarks on her journey to build her brand and make a strong name for herself in the music industry. Her first single ‘Hood Luv’ is an RnB classic that is very personal to the singer. The sound of the track is, a slow tempo with a familiar sample playing throughout the track. Like a lot of RnB songs, there isn’t too much going on in the beat which allows Sao’s clear, clean vocals to take over the track and deliver a beautiful, deep and relatable message.

Sao comes from a mixed background with her mum being from Belfast and her father from Ghana. She grew up listening to the likes of Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Toni Braxton. Although she is inspired by these old school legends she’s just as inspired by some of the big names in the RnB scene today, such as, Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko, Bryson Tiller and Brent Faiyaz. As much as all of these different icons inspire her, Sao, since the latter part of 2020 has been and is still on a journey to find her own sound and style which is clear to hear on this track – ‘Hood Luv’.

“A lot of us know what it’s like to go experience ‘heartbreak’ or having your feelings played with and

I was going through a break-up when I started writing this track so it has definitely helped me release

a lot of what I was feeling and going through at the time.”- Soa Celine Keep up with Soa Celine via:

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