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Plantain Papi shares intoxicating new single '1942' and announces debut project 'STILL HEALING'

There is only one name to mention when it comes to the future of afroswing, Nigerian-born, Ireland-raised producer and songwriter Plantain Papi. Known for masterfully navigating the intersection of hip-hop, grime, and R&B, all channelled through the lens of afrobeats.

1942’ is a taste of his upcoming debut album, the single dives deep into themes of grieving after a relationship and self-discovery. Drawing from a well of emotions, Plantain distills a lowkey take on growth, made poignant with lyrics that are simultaneously soulful and sweet. A Michelin-style recipe for making you get in those feels. 

Pioneering a genre deeply rooted in his heritage, Plantain has achieved massive success over the past few years. Taking to the 3arena to support afrobeat giant Burna Boy, in addition to commanding the stage at Longitude, Trinity Ball and All Together Now. Before being named RTE 2FM rising artist and spreading afroswing on the airwaves.

His debut project ‘STILL HEALING’ will be released on February 16th. It is centered around documenting Plantain’s current healing journey whilst navigating through life. The main concept behind the project is perfectly summed up by Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of healing; “the process in which a bad situation or painful emotion ends or improves”. Joined by Jafaris, F3miii, Ama Millieir, B4bzy and Bhumble, expect to hear the finest sonic experience in Afrobeats in addition to how Plantain Papi is healing from the pandemic, heartbreak, loss and grief. 

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