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Ones To Watch: New Irish artist Renzo introduces himself with “Whoosh"

Amongst all the fine promising music coming out straight from the Island, we have up and coming Samuel AKA Renzo VII with his first single “Whoosh” accompanied with a stripped back music video.

Residing from Sligo, Renzo has been able to release his first music video, with over 2,000 views in under a week. The song, just like the video is very laid back and has Renzo rapping in a charismatic relaxed flow. The track oozes an introductory vibe leaving a listener expecting and wanting more.

Although the track has a stripped back vibe, Renzo explains it comes from a dark place but therapeutic as he expresses pain through music, like most artists.

“I slapped everything into it, I had quit my 9-5 job to focus fully on music cause working as a Kitchen Porter wasn’t me, the frustration from that alongside things in my personal life is all thrown into the song”

After working on music for 3 years, Renzo has decided to stay fully committed into the music and focus on doing better with each drop. We are excited to hear more from Renzo in the future. For now, check out whoosh, out on all streaming platforms

Whoosh has been added to the SlimoWeekly playlist. give it a bump and follow up!

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