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  • Kelly Darcy

One For The Ladies; A SlimoWeekly Update

March has many important days including Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day. Because of this, it is only right for us to celebrate our favourite females on the Irish urban scene and dedicate this week’s SlimoWeekly to them.

Our cover this week is the talented Tolü Makay who we have watched go from strength to strength over the last couple of years. She has serenaded us with mesmerizing performances including her performance at The X Collective gig and her rendition of Saw Doctor’s “N17” with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra. Tolü Makay has captured many hearts throughout her career but she definitely captured the hearts of the nation after appearing on the Tommy Tiernan Show this weekend with poet, Felicia.

Denise Chaila rose to fame last year with the release of her track, “Chaila”. This track has received a lot of attention, airplay and even featured in a Littlewoods advert. She took home an RTÉ Choice Music Prize for Album of the Year 2020 for her debut album, Go Bravely, released in October 2020. Chaila is no stranger to incorporating bits of the Irish language or Irish culture into her tracks, making them unique and relatable to us.

Having only begun to release music in 2020 during lockdown, Aby Coulibaly has already proven herself to be one to watch. Having released 3 neo-soul inspired tracks, Coulibaly has given us a taster of what a live performance will be like having been featured in Frosted's, Frosted Flavours segment and bagging herself a spot on Jameson Connects Boiler Room live stream which took place on 3rd March 2021.

Many of our female artists have used their songs and/or image for something much bigger. Gemma Dunleavy has been an advocate for classism and the current housing crisis. ‘Born bread n buttered’ in Sheriff Street, Dunleavy is determined to spread awareness about what’s really going on with the government trying to cover the community with places like the IFSC making it harder for residents to afford housing in the area.

Celaviedmai has been using her platform to promote positive body image and always reminds us to be strong and confident. She has shown us different sides to her through her music. We see a slightly vulnerable side on “Questions” where she opens up about fears, rejections and self-doubt. This is a contrast with unapologetic tracks like “Reckless” and “Known Better”.

You will find these and many other talented females in our SlimoWeekly playlist. We also have our sights set on some new acts on the scene including Wendy Godfrey, Ali Maria and Yesunia.

Head over to our socials to let us know who your favourite Irish female artist is.

You can listen to SlimoWeekly here;

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