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OllysTV presents: Laytown’s finest A5 and his sophomore single Ri-Ri

In today active drill scene we are witnessing new Irish rappers sprouting out at a rapid pace, repping their area and marking their territory with exhilarating visuals around local landmarks. Freshest on the scene is Layton local A5 (Ivan Aliogo) who has arrived from Nigeria only 18 months ago and has already hit the ground running in producing a number of steady singles leading up to ‘Ri-Ri’. His latest single takes influence from the likes of SJ and Digga D but in a less explicit manner.

On the creative process of the track, A5 explained: “I was at the studio with my boys, we were shuffling through beats we had just received. I started freestyling to this particular beat, we knew it was hot, so I recorded it then and there”.

He explains his journey and how he got to this moment, from humble beginnings A5 had this to say “Nigeria is a beautiful country but has its downsides living in Nigeria you don't have a lot of opportunities or support towards your dreams. There was a lot of negative distractions and crime growing up back home but that's where I found my love of writing and rapping. Writing kept me positive and gave me an outlet to express myself. Fast forward to today I’m based in Laytown, I’ve now got a great support system and friends who are helping me achieve my goals day by day.”

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