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"Obsolete" By Adaeze Out Now!

After much anticipation and a minor, quite major but minor setback, young female vocalist and former member of the Far Collective Adaeze just released her first single as a solo artist.

"I really wanted to release this one just so people know whats coming because this is like my first real song since me leaving FaR and even in FaR actually, this is my first solo thing"

Adaeze released her first single "Obsolete" and it doesn't stray far from what was expected. Expressive, braggadocio and confident rap that was eluded from even her last feature with Backpack Blu's "When Harry Met Sally". Even with its very classic rap formula, Adaeze had made it clear that she wouldn't identify as a rap artist from our last encounter with her. This begs to see what more she would have to offer as this year and the next plays out.

"I won't lie, there's nothing much to the song, it really is what you hear is what you get." Adaeze on the song "Somewhere in the last bit is them ones where you put yourself in situations that aren't the best it can have a ripple effect on others in your life, some stick around and others choose to leave" The track has been out since last Friday even though it was supposed to be out a week earlier. "There was kinda an issue there with my name . I did have issues with my spotify before where it was linked to someone else's. Took me a while to sort that out so thats probably why it couldn't release on Friday"

"So yeah them ones there, I'm excited about the song. Abit nervous too because this will be the first time people will be in tune to what I have and have done but like this is waht you're gonna expect from me. I'm still gonna be doing so much more so I'm excited for that too. Hopefully the song actually drops this time"


We caught up with Adaeze last year as a member of the FaR Collective alongside the boys for Issue No. 8. Motif Or Dead Motif with the FaR Collective Out Now.

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