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Nigerian-Irish artist Awesimon releases hip-hop spring anthem 'VSCO'

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New hip-hop single 'VSCO' by Awesimon released today across all music platforms

21 year old Irish/Nigerian rapper and recording artist Awesimon firmly established himself amidst the strong Irish Hip Hop culture shortly after stepping into the scene in 2016, when he began releasing singles humbly on Soundcloud. Awesimon’s music is largely inspired by artists such as Drake, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, XXXTentacion, Juice WRLD and many more. With his versatility it is safe to say Awesimon is no stranger to any genre whether it is rapping over hard and heavy trap beats or singing over calm and chill guitar instrumentals, which we can see in his debut EP “Antinode”. A 7 track project that was released February 14th 2018 which shows off the range Simon has and the potential he holds for himself in the near future. Awesimon hasn’t stooped there, since then he’s been flooding the market with single after single with songs like “Sandman”, “Games” and “Simon Says”, which was recognized by the Spotify editorial team and featured in the official Spotify playlist “The New Éire”. During this time he has also done collaborations with other Irish artists like SoulSosa, Uwmami, Aaron Everything, Rikshaw and more. On August 14th he released his latest project 'Radiate' a 4 Track Summer EP, which is based on love and emotions, he describes this EP as

“A summer full of heartbreak”.

With the making of 'VSCO', Awesimon had first heard the instrumental on YouTube and it grabbed his attention straight away, he described it as a fun, upbeat, club banger type beat that had so much potential. When writing he knew he had to have some catchy phrases and some interesting wordplay sprinkled across the song, as he kept imagining it being played in a place filled with people and everyone screaming out the lyrics.

After the process of writing, coming up with ideas and recording the tune, Awesimon hit up F.O.B, a very talented music producer and beat maker most noted for his work with Matthew Nolan, Aaron J and Uppbeat and sent the raw recorded vocals for 'VSCO' to him, and very soon later had the fully mixed and mastered track sent back with a bit of extra spice and flavour F.O.B had added. F.O.B has also worked with Awesimon in the past with the vocal mixing and mastering of his whole EP 'Radiate', which released early August last year.

Awesimon likes to describe himself as a very confident individual who is capable of shooting his shot when it comes to hitting it off with someone. He wanted this song to capture this and display the different ways in how confident he is and how he goes about 'shooting his shot'. Throughout the song Awesimon wants to give his two cents on how he feels about females who use the app [VSCO], he makes it clear that there's something different about them and how he has a stronger attraction to them. In the song you can tell that it doesn't affect artist in any negative way when his plans to hit it off with someone fails as he uses that energy to big himself up and keep moving forward.

"I feel like I do a good job in describing the different scenarios that one can be in when texting either their crush for the first time or someone they find attractive on Instagram and of course VSCO".

Listen to 'VSCO' by Awesimon below:

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