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New Year, New Slimoweekly Cover!

About time we did a recap or at least an update on brand new music on the Island! The Slimoweekly playlist on Spotify, updated weekly (I swear) with our favourites + fresh new tracks is back with a new cover this month! This time, we had to give it to the boys, Travis and Elzzz for bringing everything 'FULL CIRCLE' on their new tape!

The Gliders have stayed consistent with every move; be it Merch, music or bullying Brown Thomas. Following up to their previous EP, they started the year off swinging with a full length tape 'FULL CIRCLE'. Now, we were not surprised with how intentional they were in every second of the song, or the animalistic bars from both Travis and Elzzz. They really didn't disappoint. Both artists hopped on each track with memorable, catchy and provocative lyrics all through. What did stand out from these guys is the way they pushed this new tape. The marketing and the way they engage with their audience has remained remarkeable since they started but the push for this tape brings it to a different level as it has enabled them to become number 1 on the charts for Irish HipHop. Excited to see what comes next for the duo and the whole gliders team moving forward!

We have added new tracks from Aby Coulibaly, Salamay, Ksav, Rose and more on the playlist. Big shouts to Sello on the international collab with Jay1 on Loose. We were recently at Fortune Igiebors headline show and had to bring back "ALL MY LOVE" onto the list. Are we missing anyone? Be sure to give us a shout on any of our platforms if we are. Like the playlist as it does go a long way and follow Slight Motif on all social media platforms!

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