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New tune of 2021: Zay K & Zro6ix drop 'Legacy'

After the heartbreaking passing of Kobe Bryant in 2020, Zay K and Zro6ix decided to end the year off with some positive vibes and recorded their track titled ‘Legacy’. This track gives people a fresh start towards the new year, it dropped on the 2nd January.

Zay K is a 15 year-old Irish hip-hop artist from Kildare, with a family background from Poland. He was born and raised in Ringsend, Dublin but moved out when he was 14. Shortly afterwards he started creating music (in the April of 2020). He is influenced by artists such as Roddy Ricch, Polo G, Lil Mosey and many more. He doesn’t have hundreds of fans streaming his music just yet, but the young artist's thoughtful lyrics and melodic flow make it almost impossible to not give him a listen. It won't be long before Zay K receives the attention he deserves.

Zro6ix, who is featured on the song, is an Irish hip-hop rapper from Drogheda. He has been creating music for nearly a year now and his most successful release is ‘Dr Stone’ featuring Joece which has reached over 13k streams on Soundcloud. Zro6ix is known for his amazing lyrics and melodic rap flow and is mainly influenced by rappers such as ‘Cordae’.

'Legacy', is a song about staying true to yourself as well as celebrating being a champion, and of course, ‘Leaving a Legacy’. This is a hip-hop track, with a positive and energetic vibe while also bringing a powerful, catchy sound. It was written by Filip Wyporski (Zay K) and Rodney Omosigho (Zro6ix). It was produced by Simba Bianchi. Travis Scott's 'Franchise' heavily inspired the project. This is the first collab between Zay K and Zro6ix and they don’t plan on stopping there, in fact they have already planned upcoming studio sessions, lots of more songs, music videos and even possibly an EP or album coming soon.

Check out Legacy by Zay K x Zro6ix below

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