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New Single "Vibe With You" from Kildare Native, Dylz, Out Now!

Upcoming rapper/singer Dylz just dropped his new single ‘Vibe With You’.

Based in Kildare Dylz began his music journey at 15. Now 19, he describes his style as “vulnerable, authentic and self-directing”. He’s constantly striving to develop and improve his own individual style and to shock listeners with the versatility in his music.

Personally I believe this single is the beginning of a new chapter I feel like it's the best song that I’ve dropped so far in my career”

Written during the 1st lockdown earlier in the year, ‘Vibe With You’ is all about wanting to vibe with someone who you miss and care about. Dylz also touches on relationship growth, appreciating the present and highlights the confidence he has for the future. The song definitely has something we can all relate to.

With this single, Dylz is looking to set the standards for 2021. He told us here at Slight Motif that he’ll be coming with a lot of music in the new year so keep an eye out!

You can check out ‘Vibe With You’ below

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