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New single 'Find Out' by Eni out now!

Dublin born Irish rapper and singer 'Eni' releases her newest single, ‘Find Out’.

‘Find Out’ is a sonic masterpiece that marries the soulful essence of R&B with the infectious rhythms of house music. The result is a cathartic and danceable track that speaks to the complexities of love, loss, and personal growth. With evocative lyrics, captivating vocals, and an irresistible beat, Eni has once again pushed the boundaries of musical innovation.

Eni states that...

"’Find Out’ is a deeply personal and transformative journey for me. It's a testament to the idea that music can help heal a broken heart. I hope this track not only connects with those who have experienced heartbreak but also provides a space for dancing and rediscovering joy."


Eni has a reputation for her hard hitting rap songs like ‘boss flow’ but with this single blending genres seamlessly was Eni’s main motive in order to prove she can be versatile and she did. Eni was labelled District Magazine’s ‘Future of Irish Music’ and has opened up for the Likes of Darkoo and British legend Chipmunk. ‘Find Out’ stands as a testament to versatility and artistry. The song captures the raw emotions of heartbreak and turns them into a therapeutic dance experience that resonates with the soul.

Eni made a statement with her first drop last year titled 'Boss Flow'. It is an electrifying anthem that introduced Eni to the world in grand style. Her dynamic verses, potent delivery, and uncompromising lyrics instantly distinguish her as a rap artist who demands attention. With a fiercely independent spirit and a commitment to lyrical excellence, Eni is ready to leave her indelible mark in Irish hip-hop.

Listen to 'Find Out' right now on all streaming platforms!

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