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New pop tune from Balkan artist George Ivanovich

The singer-songwriter, George Ivanovich, combines RnB and synth Pop in his new track, ‘Don’t Look At Me Like We’re Alone’. It is mixed and mastered by Fergal Davis, who has done final touches for the likes of Sinead O’Connor and Muse, and features warm and groovy vocals with a catchy synth. The track is accompanied with vibrant visuals in an intense and passionate music video. It is co-produced by George and his muse, Iva Kevra. George is originally from the Balkans but has since moved to Dublin.

“I am more than happy to grow as an artist in Dublin. I have only met great people so far, and it’s been a pleasure working with them.”

In the music video, George represented his song through a love story that entails between two young women. The video plays with the flirtation surrounding a first kiss to the passionate journey that follows. Speaking on the title of his track George says :

“It is a title anyone can identify with, Iva and I thought that the meaning would be intensified in a context of two women. Love is always love.”

Listen to 'Don't Look At Me Like We're Alone below

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