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Matt Ó New Solo Track "Boat Song" Out Now.

Being let down by people close to you can be lonely and isolating- like rowing a boat by yourself. Anyways here's a sad banger about it

Few months after the release of the conceptual "Young will eat the old", we find the vanilla slice of Tebi Rex, Matt Ó exploring more sad lyrics on happy production.

The song hovers around most, if not all, thought processes around the feeling of loneliness whilst comparing to rowing a boat by oneself. It also pretty much references the kids jingle "row your boat gently down the stream" with the tonality and funny enough, not as dark as the jingle itself which on one side of the coin, promotes suicidal thoughts; or maybe just moving ahead with life depending on how you interpret it.

The Boat Song also has a "keep moving forward" message buried underneath all the content revolving around loneliness with lines like "Row row row see you later upstream", another notable twist on the kids jingle "row row row your boat gently down the stream".

Produced by Chris Kabs, listen to "Boat Song" by Matt Ó below

Music video also out now! Directed and edited by James Alkayed, featuring a lonely Matt. No boats though unfortunately. Watch here

Revisit our link up with Matt and Max from Tebi Rex at All Out Design Studios back in Issue 6. Full read in bio.

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