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New EP, 'Pretty Sweet' from Daire Patel Out Now

After a string of tracks over the past three years, Daire Patel releases his debut EP Pretty Sweet and new single 'Way That You Are', a combination of his hip-hop, lo-fi pop and alt RnB influences. The culmination of a year’s work with various collaborators and producers including oliveyolive, Silent Ghost and American Therapy, it comes on the back of major playlists such as IDK, No Cap and Spotify & Chill, radio support from Jenny Greene and sync placements on the RTE series ‘Kin’. “Pretty Sweet tries to encapsulate the ups and downs of life”, says Daire. “The project starts off melancholic and nostalgic in tone and deals with themes of loss, isolation and self-acceptance but as it progresses it begins to explore a less bleak outlook of these themes. I wanted to make sure this EP is a testament to life itself. Like a rollercoaster, life is uncontrollable and filled with ups and downs but I’ve always wondered - without the bad days, would the good ones feel so sweet? I think the final line of ‘Blue’ sums it up the perfectly….“I’m fine, it’s just lately I’ve been feeling blue”.

The roots of 'Way That You Are' stretch all the way back to 2019 and a short collaboration track with American band Boys Wear Pink (now known as American Therapy). The track has since gone through several renditions with production from American Therapy, Purgatory Studios and oliveylive, the latter being instrumental in the version you hear today. The song discusses dreams, relationships and offers a feeling of reminiscent nostalgia to the audience - the line “forever’s just a day away” capturing exactly what this song is all about.

'Pretty Sweet' and 'Way That You Are' are out now!

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