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New Cable Boy - 'W.I.W.Y (When I’m with you)'

Cable Boy

Cable Boy are a 5 piece dream pop band based in Dublin, Ireland. Sharing their latest single

W.I.W.Y (When I’m with you)” on (15/11/2023). A shimmering dream-pop track with notes of

Tame Impala’s psychedelics, the band cites influences such as Diiv and Blood Orange.

The release follows their 2022 single “Useful gift” which gained the band a local following and saw them as supporting acts for UK band Spector on their “Now or whenever tour” for two dates, also supporting Juan Wauters for his 2022 Dublin show. Cable Boy are working towards releasing a series of singles and visuals beginning in early 2024.

“W.I.W.Y (When I’m with you)”’ paints an endearing view of desire with colorful twinkling synths and a nostalgic groove that lies beneath Lead singer “Semilore’s” longing vocals.

In Semilore’s own words “the song tells the story of desire for that special person, constantly

thinking about you and them together. Building it up in your head, till you can't tell if it’s

imagination or if it’s who the person actually is.”

The band recorded the song with long time collaborator and friend LOD in Dublin’s historic

“Windmill Lane studios”. Lead singer and songwriter Semilore reflects on the process ‘it was a really easy recording process. LOD was super understanding with what we wanted to do with the song, we were surrounded by pictures of artists and legends from the past and present, it was hard not to create songs full of love, longing and nostalgia. It was just a nice cozy session.

With the release of “W.I.W.Y (When I’m with you)”’ Cable Boy extends their streak of captivating singles and places them as ones to watch in the emerging Irish music scene

Cable Boy - W.I.W.Y - Single Cover Art

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