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New Afro-fusion track 'All my Ladies' from RAJI Music

An Irish trio consisting of Baba Raji, Ayo Tori and Junzy, RAJI Music are etching themselves into the fabric of the Afro-fusion genre – even coining their own term, ‘Rajification’. Creating music with passion, they believe that every song is a work of art made to connect with the listener (RAJI for your soul), allowing their audience to express their true self through forms of singing, dancing or any way that is best for them. The band have a way of effortlessly bending different genres to step into the world where their sound exists.

Having dropped a string of tracks and newly signed with management company Word Up Collective (Tebi Rex, Daire Patel, Natalya O’Flaherty) as well as distributors AWAL, RAJI’s first release of 2021 is ‘All My Ladies’. Mixed by renowned UK producer Chemo, the track is a celebration of women who are fun, lively and free – a song to sing with friends or on your own when you’re feeling good. With its sweet blend of good vibes and irresistible rhythms, it serves the perfect introduction to the RAJI realm and is already trending on Audiomack.

Check out 'All My Ladies' by RAJI Music below:

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