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Nealo links up with Jehnova for 'Tears You Cry'

Emotional Resonance meets Musical Brilliance as NEALO & JEHNOVA unite for "Tears You Cry"



RTE Choice Prize nominated artist Nealo serves up a second offering of the year entitled “Tears You Cry”, a self-reflective piece infused with the mood of a smoky jazz club. Joined by longtime friend, Jehnova the new single encapsulates a conversation between friends sharing past troubles and hopes for a brighter future whilst navigating through life. Nealo leads oozing with charisma as his captivating voice and edgy lyricism rivet around the sprawling beat poetically promising to show up for friends on any and every occasion. Evoking pleasant feelings that are reminiscent of good times with friends and loved ones.

His collaborator Jehnova on the other hand takes “Tear You Cry” on a sonic journey illustrating an earnest yet tongue-in-cheek retrospective of their life experiences. Enlightening listeners with an admirable perspective that is nothing short of godly. Harmonised by the angelically and hypnotic vocals from Sivv the chorus sends you adrift into a different frequency. Whist the saxophone line sways you adding a dream-like wonder to this of much needed summer single.

The threesome were first acquainted in 2019 when Jehnova & Sivv’s group NuXSense invited Nealo to support their gig in the Workmans Club in Dublin. His first support slot amidst nerves, sweat and worries Nealo explained “All the NuXSense lads showed so much love from the start and made me feel so welcome. Jehnova in particular came up to me after the gig and said some really nice things about my music. Fast forward to a few weeks later and I got asked to support YG in the Olympia in Dublin. I was nervous. It was such early days for me. When I look back now it’s mad because I could barely put a verse together, but funny enough that’s where the universe wanted me to be at that time. I asked Jehnova if he would like to come onstage with me and do a song. He showed up, and we had a great time. The rest is history.”

With an admirable track record since the release of his debut album” All The Leaves Are Falling” in 2020, North-west Dublin rapper Nealo has continued to impress with new music, marking the start of a new era with his last release 'Forest'. Having performed in most of the country’s venues and been rounded up an Irish Times Top 10 Artists alongside RTE Choice nomination. Known for his sharp lyrical narratives, his songs candidly document experiences and explore themes that resonate with his fanbase. Nealo’s impact on Irish music has never been seen before as providing honest, soul-touching and vulnerable music to a generation in need. Address society and all the problems ingrained in Irish culture, Nealo’s voice is set to free the nation.


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