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In the whimsical realm of wonder, where Afrobeat, Afro swing, and Amapianao melodies intertwine, a remarkable tale unfolds. Enter Tommy Tomad, a singer and songwriter hailing from the enchanting town of Louth. He stands at the forefront of a musical revolution, championing a wondrous sub-genre known as Afro Rng (rhythm and groove), alongside his faithful crew, TFCLIQUE. Together, they weave a spellbinding tapestry of sound.

Tommy Tomad's latest single, 'Maltina,' dances through the air like a mischievous sunbeam, casting its trippy enchantment upon all who listen. It serves as a joyous reminder of the resplendent wonders found within AfroRnG (Rhythm and Groove). Through this melodic masterpiece, Tommy Tomad reveals his ever-progressive adoration for a Woman, intertwining his creative genius with the harmonies of Afrobeats. Yet, he allows his unique personality to shine through, like a vibrant blossom in a magical garden. 'Maltina' is a delightful fusion, where Tommy's honey-glazed vocals transport us to a realm akin to Party With A Jagaban by Midas The Jagaban, but with an authentic Irish twist.

Reflecting on the mystical creative process, Tommy Tomad whimsically shared, "We embarked on a whimsical recording camp, where days melded into dreams. A gathering of my artist and producer friends filled the air with creativity. Soundchef, the musical sorcerer, conjured a bewitching beat, which caught my fancy. 'Maltina' sprouted from a freestyle, a captivating melody that clung to our hearts, and we surrendered to its magical flow. Then, Json appeared like a musical sprite, adding a kaleidoscope of melodies to our enchanting brew."

Tommy Tomad's musical odyssey began in his tender years, as he embarked on adventures within the church choir, dance groups, and local talent shows. It was there that he discovered the power of his voice, crafting melodies that echoed through the mystical lands. In 2018, he unveiled his debut opus, the 'Sweet Dreams Tape,' casting a spell on all who listened. His enchanting essence graced 'Jayie,' a track that found its home within Evans Juniors' mesmerizing 'Organised Mess' album. Tommy Tomad's journey continued to unfold, illuminating the stage as a supporting act for the illustrious Adekunle Gold in the wondrous realm of the UK. Ever since, Tommy Tomad has been a tireless advocate, breathing life into the resounding echoes of afrobeat within the enchanting lands of Ireland. With every note, he hopes to leave an indelible mark upon the ever-growing magical genre.



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