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MUST WATCH: Rising star 1k3 shares cinematic visuals for single THEM MAN

Following the release of a series of intriguing singles paired with captivating visuals, 1k3 made his presence known within the rapidly growing Irish hip-hop scene. 1k3 successfully grasped his audiences with what GRM Daily described as “the perfect track to kickstart the summer” with collaborative single ‘Royal Bike’ featuring Andre Fazaz. The fan favourite was built up on a moment of social hype when artist Andre received slander over social media for his  'Don't leave me' meme which went viral accumulating over 1.7 million views on Twitter and 3.2 million views on Tik Tok in a matter on hours. 

THEM MAN’ taken from his forthcoming EP, is a catchy yet thought-provoking song centred around an eloquent chorus the explores the feeling of self-love, greed, jealousy and betrayal. Accompanied by an action-packed cinematic music video directed by Irish videographer Rejjie Albert

Produced by 16-year-old East London beatmaker YONI and engineered by Relyt who has earned credits on the Swarmz & Tion Wayne record ‘Bally’ alongside  S1mba’s Rover (feat.DTG) which peaked at #3 on the UK Top 40 Charts.

Reflecting on the meaning of the song 1k3 shared “The fact that I am predominantly from two different countries (UK & Ireland), I’ve experienced a lot of feelings of displacement and disownment rather than feeling like I’m actually from and accepted by both. At the time I was going through the motions and ended up feeling belittled by some of my peers, I started to see things from a different light. I could see people who had things I didn’t have, people who felt entitled and people who had access to things that I didn’t and felt that made me feel less valuable in comparison to them. Even though I would consider myself secure and content with what I have, the attitudes of those individuals didn’t sit well with me. The inspiration for this song came from reflecting on this and moving past it.” 

Touching on the creative process of the 1k3 explained “In terms of the production of the track, I was very calculated in my approach and with who I collaborated with to produce the final outcome. I envisioned exactly how i wanted it to sound. We used quite a lot of strings and violins, to build up emotion whilst creating a sense of nostalgia to give the overall feeling of losing touch with one’s self for a moment to remember who one is but then coming back in tune with one’s self.

THEM MAN is out now on all digital streaming platforms

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