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MUST WATCH: Reggae artist MD Kindred shares visuals for ‘Over Again’

Reggae artist MD Kindred shares visuals for ‘Over Again’

Following the release of his debut project ‘Utmost To The Highest’ earlier this month, Dublin based reggae artist MD Kindred returns to share visuals for ‘Over Again’ directed by Rejjie Albert. A sultry single about a toxic relationship with two lovers who seem to be falling in and out of love with each other with enticing visuals to match. Produced by Miguel Angel Castro Moreno, Over Again is a taste of smooth yet rhythmic sonics of the overall project. MD Kindred explained “The anecdote behind my album is the personal experience I've gone through. I've incorporated my life experiences and what I've been through on each track. When it came to the creative process coming up with my rhymes, flows and metaphor were one of the most enjoyable aspects of this album.”

For those who haven’t heard of MD Kindred, his musical journey began at the age of 13 writing music with his friends. His love for music grew as he began to take his artistry seriously, aspiring to be a great recording artist just like his father ‘Lenny Timele$$’. After recording a number of exciting demos and receiving positive feedback, his morale, confidence in himself and his music grew. Inspired by the feedback he independently built up his own VEVO channel where he released his debut single ‘Laugh’ for the world to hear. Soon after he released his first collaborative single ‘Holiday’ with his father (Jamaican Reggae Recording Artist ‘Lenny Timele$$’). After that he kept consistent with his career, partnering up with Xmperial Global to bring his work to life.

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