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MUST WATCH: Abecca Hewson shares visuals for new single 'Shikidi Di Bam Bam'

R&B, Hip Hop and Latin Reggaeton newcomer Abecca Hewson shares new single ‘Shaki di bam bam’

Introducing Abeeca Hewson, the R&B, Hip Hop and Latin Reggaeton newcomer who is here to shake things up. The Dublin based artist was born to an Irish mother and Romanian father, her upbringing was multicultural as she spent time in Romania & Spain as an adolescent. Her musical journey began through her love of theatrics, salsa and ballroom dancing, she played Princess Jasmine, Cinderella, Beauty in Beauty and the Beast in serval Pantomimes. Inspired by artists like Celine Dion, Nicole Scherzinger, Shakira and Mariah Carey. She began songwriting during her one-year hiatus from University, Abecca soon moved to London for a 9 month period to fully focus on her craft. She discovered her unique sound by blending her love for linguistics and subjects close to her heart (betrayal, infidelity, mental health and suicide - she lost her sister to suicide in ‘19) to make heartfelt music. Executively produced by Jefferey Scheltinga, Her new single ‘Shaki di bam bam‘ is an energetic, dancefloor-filling rhythm all about forgetting about your worries, having a good time and dancing.

Abecca explained “The song simply says get up of your ass and shaki di bam bam translating as (shake your bum ) /forgetting about any worries because now its time to just get up and dance /disfrutando de mi vida me gusta vivir asi / no me importa un carajo lo que dicen por ahi’’ (lyrics ) translating as ‘’to enjoy my life is how I like to live /I don’t give a damn what they could be saying /gossiping about me‘’.

Abecca’s shared “I want people to act crazy and have fun on my music but I also want them to know that they are not alone when feeling a certain type of way and there is someone who cares and that there is a way out. I want to be an artist that you just don’t know what to expect next and that inspires others.”

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