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“OBITO to me is the return of the mask. Just because things are taking off doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten where I came from. OBITO is my way of going back to the basics, I’m embracing the Obito mask”

Produced by his partner in crime Kidspyal, Offica returns to his roots with a Naruto Drilling inspired beat loaded with heavy brazen bar and precision aim shots at opposing sides. When asked what the track was about Offica replied “ Drillings Init”.

We first laid eyes on the orange Obito mask in late 2019 when Offica made his debut with ‘Naruto Drillings’ a song which quickly exploded in popularity. With a co-sign from KSI on the remix of ‘Naruto Drillings’ the mask became a recognisable figure in the Irish drill scene. The official unmasking to reveal the man behind the mystery took place on the breakthrough single ‘Face Reveal’ when; you guessed it; OFFICA finally revealed his face. Fast forward to today, OFFICA is now a highly successful and accredited artist venturing off trying new things. Obito signifies the start of something new with the appearance of a new upgraded white Obito mask.

Offica is one of many artists flying the flag for Ireland right, becoming known for its idiosyncratic take on the drill and unmistakable Irish twang, Offica uses this to his advantage with the sprinkling of native pidgin in his ghostly-flowed rhymes. Fresh from a Top 40 hit with A92 and their “Plugged In Freestyle”, with his crew A92, plus a batch of impressive singles including “Opor”, “Take It (Yuck)”, and “Where’s The Motive?” with Blanco and Reggie, Offica has proven that he has what it takes to win.

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