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Mr.Affiliate asks "How Many Affiliates” in new villainous comeback single

At some point in life, we have all heard the biblical story of how Judas betrayed Jesus, Mr Affiliate known as J.B2 rises from the ashes to share a similar story in ‘How Many Affiliates’. However, unlike the story we know, J.B2’s version of events are presented in a dark, sinister and villainous manner as he unveils the reincarnation of JB.2 to Mr Affiliate. Taking us back to where it all started with reference to his breakthrough freestyle ‘Barz At The Sesh’ that kickstarted his career leading to international recognition, stardom alongside co-signs and mentions from DJ Semtex, Joey Badass and Drake. Before the legendary Irish and UK ‘Link Up’ with Russ Millions which blew the whole Irish drill scene wide open and saw both artists take a rise to the top.

The new single produced by Yamaica and Irish wonderkid Vivid Beats, see’s a new and improved version of Mr Affiliate take on the record with a burst of flows, precision aimed lyricism and inflexion bopping, staccato on the beat like an Irish jig. Instantly grabbing the listeners attention as Mr Affiliate phrases his ironically rhetorical question “How Many Affiliates - gonna get blood for their benefits” as he further explores the theme of betrayal. Metaphorically narrating the story as he delivers punchline after punchline prior to his villainous soliloquy or suggestive revenge plot “I’m gonna deal, how I deal, I’m about my business” - Tune in to find out.

Jeffrey Scheltinga the Director of Mr Affiliate (20 years), Kickstarted his career at the tender age of 16 before exploding in popularity after his freestyle “Barz At The Sesh”, a year later in 2018 after he caught the eye of UK blogs and international tastemakers. Blowing him out of proportion - Merely gripping his full potential, known at the time as also “J.B2” is now back as a new and improved character with flows like no other. The Irish Pioneer is a page with many folds and tricks determined and certain to make a hit in the industry.

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