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Motifs To Look Out For This Weekend

For those stuck for what to do this weekend, there are some dope events being held by some familiar faces.


Gxrl Code – Women of the Decade!

“Celebrating women of the decade this year, we are bringing together all the gxrls in the city making waves to The Well Dublin

Venue: The Well, Dublin

Date & Time: Fri 06th March - 6pm

Tickets: RSVP for free ticket @

More info:


The RnB Club & R3D'S House

What's R3D's House?

DJ & producer R3D of Tebi Rex fame throws his own party within The RnB Club at the Whiskey Bar, R3D’s House. “You'll have a choice of more oldschool & classic rnb in the main room, or afro / trap / dancehall vibes with R3D and his crew up the front”

Venue: Yamamori Tengu, Dublin

Date & Time: Fri 6thMarch – 10pm

Tickets: available @

More info:


Onyx Private Venue Party

"Coming back to Dublin after a wild night in London, Onyx are taking over a classy & old-school vibe venue to create a luxurious & wild experience for all of their partyers."

Venue: 127 Baggot Street Lower

Date & Time: Sat 7thMarch – 10pm

Tickets: available @

More info:


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