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MEET: Dublin Based High-End Fashion Brand MCINO

MCINO (pronounced em-see-no) is the embodiment of luxury and inclusivity, seamlessly blending streetwear, urban fashion, and sophistication into a harmonious collection that transcends cultural boundaries. Founded by the dynamic duo of Temitope Akinwale (Irish-Nigerian) and Nikolaj Jasenko (Irish-Lithuanian), MCINO is a high-end fashion brand driven by a passion for fashion and a shared vision of promoting inclusivity and cultural unity.

Fashion has the power to bridge diverse cultures and promote inclusivity, and MCINO is at the forefront of this movement. With a commitment to crafting high-quality clothing, MCINO's creations reflect the brand's dedication to fostering a more diverse and accepting society.

At the heart of MCINO lies a commitment to providing top-quality materials across all their ranges, ensuring that each piece not only exudes luxury but also offers unmatched comfort and confidence to the wearer. The Seamless Set for women, a prime example of MCINO's dedication to style and comfort, is a classy 3-piece ensemble that accentuates the figure, leaving the wearer feeling empowered and effortlessly elegant.

The Dubliner Track Set by MCINO epitomizes class, durability, and practicality. This lightweight tracksuit features water-repellent properties, making it the ideal choice for individuals in Ireland or the UK who demand both fashion and functionality. The exclusive handmade badge adorning both the jumper and trousers adds a touch of uniqueness to this versatile set.

Speaking on the brand the owners explained "We believe that self-imposed restrictions are not real," says the MCINO team. With this philosophy, MCINO empowers its customers to unlock their full potential, not only through their fashion choices but also through their positive influence on the world.

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and inclusivity with MCINO's exquisite fashion collections. To learn more about the brand and explore their captivating designs, visit their website at

Stay updated on the latest trends and fashion inspiration by following MCINO on Instagram at

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