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Matt Ó & Aik J link up to share new single ‘ASPHANTASIA’

The next generation of Irish RnB has arrived, as two of Ireland's brightest artist collide bringing us a mesmerising RnB record immersed in indie-pop influences. The single touches on the topic of fear of lost memories as the complex title suggest, taking us through an emotional rollercoaster served harmoniously courtesy of honey glazed vocals from both singer/songwriters. Matt Ó & Aik J melodically play on the metaphor of photography resembling it to capturing moments in time with someone they worry about losing. As they both request to “keep a picture in the back of my mind, so I can save it for life”, gripping the emotion of the listener every step of the way. The pair explained “We wanted to use live instruments and plenty of panning to really immerse the listener in the track and draw as much emotion from the instrumental as possible. Wanted each part of the song to have its own identity rather than being a looped verse and chorus, each verse is personalised musically which would also make the listener inclined to find out what's next. Having missed the golden opportunity of making music together while under the same management house 4 years ago. This exciting cross-genre collaboration between Matt Ó and Aik J arrives on the end of two introspective releases, with Aik J sharing ‘Replacement’ his first release under Dummy magazines record label DMY. And a rarely unaccompanied Matt Ó hot on the heels a successful release of his ‘Brackets’ EP as part of Hip Hop duo Tebi Rex. This gentle & melancholic approach from leaders in their respective genres in the Irish scene AikJ and Matt leaves us thirsty for another collaboration. Will it be fulfilled?

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