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LW6 x CP6 x DAWNZ x THE KIDONEROY Keep It "SNOWIN" with new release

Dublin, Ireland-based duo LW6 X CP6 have teamed up with fellow Irish rapper Dawnz and Florida-based rapper TheKidOnfroy to release their latest track, "Snowin'." The song, which was inspired by the Christmas season and the progress the artists have made in their careers, blends American and Irish rap styles with melodic instrumentals and drill and rap vocals.

The creative process for "Snowin" began when the artists stumbled upon an interesting beat on YouTube and freestyled over it. The song was then written and recorded in a series of studio sessions, with TheKidOnfroy adding a verse from Florida.

LW6 is often compared to Central Cee for his fast rapping and stringy flows, while CP6 has been compared to Skepta and Stormzy for his aggressive and energetic delivery. Dawnz is known for his melodic rhymes and captivating flows in the genres of hip hop and pop rap, and TheKidOnfroy creates upbeat rap songs with bouncy instrumentals and experimental sounds. With "Snowin'," the artists hope to bring together a diverse audience and demonstrate their ability to create enjoyable music. LW6 is a 16-year-old artist who hails out of Dublin Ireland. Just like his peers on his new song Snowin’ he has been passionate about music for many years. Spending his first few years in England and moving to Dublin he found a love for music. He moved to a new school where he met CP6. He picked up guitar by the age of 7 with the influence of his father who was a big fan of American artists such as Eminem and Jay Z and this also seemed to rub off on him. LW6 would then continue to play electric and acoustic guitar and be close with CP6 up until the age of 11 where he began to listen to a lot of new-age hip hop and rap music. He also

discovered the UK scene which he was very fond of and would play at every chance he had. LW6 would then become familiar with many American rappers such as Lil Tecca, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Travis Scott as they were the

Going back to his youth, CP6 has always had a love for music and would listen to it for hours on end. He grew up in California, USA, and this is where he first discovered and found an interest in music. He was 8 years old when he moved to Ireland and met his close friend LW6. After 7 years of friendship, they decided to experiment with music. Starting off with using any mic they could find, which at the time was an iPhone’s mic, they began to freestyle to free for profit beats which they searched the internet to find. After getting a basis of how to create a catchy song they learned the fundamentals as well as the technicalities of lyricism.

This led to the creation of their first-ever song. As CP6’s interest continued to grow in music he began to put more and more time into what he loved. Music was what he had a passion for, and this is what motivated him to work for endless hours writing lyrics and improving all aspects of his music. When LW6 and CP6 as a duo, became more knowledgeable of music they knew they must find a quality producer. They scoured the internet to find one, and successfully found a talented producer from Argentina, known as AI. At the same time as this they began to acquire the knowledge required to configure a home studio to the professional standard. After many months of assembly, they had astudio in place. This acted as a base for all their future projects. Dawnz is a 16 year old Artist born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Although Dawnz has always had a love for music not many know how him rapping began. From Dawnz childhood he would always tend to be humming or making up funny songs, this all started when his mother introduced him to music and song-making by just singing in the car. From this early interest, It really picked up During quarantine when he had loads of free time. When it was coming up to Christmas he got a present of a microphone (to peruse his dream to make YouTube videos at the time). One day he picked up the mic and try to rap something over a beat and absolutely loved it. He loved flowing on bouncy rap beats and freestyling with interesting words. Slowly he started to surround himself with a group of

like-minded artists through social media and Discord who wanted to enhance their lyrical ability and songwriting techniques by sharing music and collaborating with each other. Before his debut release “Pop Pop” he became familiar with Dublin-based Rappers LW6 & CP6, and it wasn’t only till they invited him out to a music video shoot which solidified their friendship. Between the workplace and being normal teens Dawnz, LW6 and CP6 truly have a bond unlike anyone else. Over time they were able to fund the parts and time of making a shared studio together. Since then the production quality of their music has skyrocketed.

Their collaborator TheKidOnfroy is a rapper based in Florida, USA who creates upbeat rap songs with bouncy instrumentals and experimental sounds. He has a strong following in the American rap scene, and has worked with a number of artists on collaborative projects.

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